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Silver Horizon Travel Co-operative Ltd (SH)
By seniors for seniors

members 1    SH is a co-operative, a social enterprise formed by seniors for fellow seniors. The founding members, from various walks of life, bravely joined in to start this co-operative. It was successfully registered on 28 February 2012. Our social mission is to promote active living and learning through customized travel programs for seniors and to use travel as a platform to build friendship and bonding before, during and after the tour. The activities are intended to make life more active and meaningful for seniors.


starWhat we do

    Our travel programs are dedicated to promote suitable activities, well-paced itineraries, comfortable stays and meeting new friends. We will focus on the travel needs and interests of fellow seniors, to facilitate more enjoyable and less stressful travel experience. Moreover, the Co-operative will serve to channel assistance aimed at enriching the lives of seniors without family support through the travel programs.

How we serve the seniors

Whilst one objective is to design tour packages (and related activities) that are specially suited for senior travellers, the fundamental role is that of a pooling centre for the silver travel enthusiasts. There are many seniors who love to travel and they do that usually in small groups comprising their relatives and friends. The group size is usually less than 10 and thus not able to avail itself to cheaper rates offered to larger groups. This is particularly true for more exotic tours and the long haul trips, or where the destinations/sights are not found in the usual tour packages.

Our members are assured that their travel companions will be other like-minded seniors, many of whom will undoubtedly become new close friends to share their travel passions and other interests and attend silver lively activities together.

As our membership base grows larger, it will become easier for us to cater to small group of members to travel to remote destinations. We can customise the itinerary and create such a tour and put together a group to go, even on short notice! In this way, the co-operative becomes an avenue where our travel dreams take off.  


starWhy we are a co-operative – Do Good, Do Well

      From the start, when the idea of a travel service enterprise was first mooted, we already decided on a co-operative model rather than a private company. As a co-operative, the mission and passion come from its members to derive the “products and services” that is best suited for the majority and the common good. It is not so much just about profitability or trying to do the impossible by offering tours that are both “cheap and good”. We want to “do good, do well”.

With a co-operative, you need at least 10 founding members, and numbers do matter in a business as vast as the travel services. So we need to outreach to many more like-minded people, to benefit from their experience and wisdom. We welcome them to share the passion and social mission. As more people join, we will have more resources to plan many programs a year. Moreover, as a co-operative, we can also tap into the network of other co-operatives or Government agencies that promote active ageing. A co-operative is really about the power of collaboration and networks; it’s about co-operatives helping each other.

For more information about co-operatives, you can refer to the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) website: www.sncf.org.sg
SNCF is the national body of Singapore’s Co-operative Movement since 1980.


starExecutive Committee Members (1 November 2016)


Chairlady:  Helen Lim

Secretary: Shirley Wan

Treasurer: Helen Lim

EC Member: HP Loi (Tours)

EC Member: Lee May Ling

EC Member: Ang Kian Chuan

EC Member: William Goh


starWelcome by Chairperson


Welcome to Silver Horizon Travel Co-operative’s Website! We are proud to launch this Website on 8 June 2012.

It all began when some of the founding members approached me, after reading articles about Silver Spring social enterprise, or hearing my talks on entrepreneurial options for seniors. We then met at Chatters @ Silver Spring Café to explore possibilities and after a series of conversations and discussions, the idea to form a travel Cooperative was born.Our founding members are all active frequent travelers who feel that we should put an end to the anxieties of rushed itineraries and the frustrations of being brought to places we don’t want to be. We believe that there are many like-minded seniors out there who share our views and feel that a co-operative would best serve our common aspirations – to enjoy our travels and make as many new friends as we can. Design to enjoy is our motto!

We understand that Silver Horizon is the first travel co-operative for seniors to be registered successfully on 28 February 2012 with the Registry of Co-operatives Societies. We certainly hope that we can cater to the needs of senior travellers – to bring something afresh and make a difference.

Come join us and together we make it a success – by seniors for seniors!

Helen Lim


starMilestones by Silver Horizon (As at 31 December 2015)

  • The following events and tours were conducted in 2015:


    30 Mar – 3rd Anniversary lunch at Jayleen hotel – 65 participants

    26 Jun – Bonding lunch at Quan Xi Restaurant – 62 participants

    11 Dec – Year –end Dinner  - 79 participants 


    21-29 Jan – 9d8N Sri Lanka Tour – 18 participants

    19-25 Mar – 8D6N Kyushu Tour – 18 participants

    27-28 May – 3rd Charity tour to Malacca – 20 participants & 12 sponsored

    2-6 July – Seminar on Active Ageing, Hongkong – 4 exco members & 3 members (self paid/arranged by participants)

    12 July – 1 Day Durian JB Trip – 35 participants

    12-16 Aug – 5D4N Penang/Taiping/Ipoh Tour – 26 participants

    26-28 Oct – 3D2N Kelong Experience – 18 participants

    15-19 Nov – 5D4N Jogjakarta Tour – 18 participants

    23 -27 Nov – 5D4N Cruise to Penang & Langkawi – 43 participants


    For the year 2014 ...

    1. 2D1N Tanjong Pinang tour (36 participants) 17 -18 Jan.

    2. 5D4N Siem Reap Tour (10 participants) 17-21 Feb.

    3. 1 Day Trip to Kluang, JB (60 participants) – 28 Feb

    4. 8D7N Meizhou Tour (24 participants) 12–19 April.

    5. 1 Day Kukup Durian Trip (79 participants) 5 July.

    6. Bonding Lunch at Jayleen (50 participants) 30 Aug

    7. 4D3N Kuantan/K Terengganu tour (30 participants) 5-8 Sep.

    8. 5D/4N Bandung/Puncak Tour (25 Participants) 28 Oct–1 Nov.

    9. 1 Day Yong Peng/JB(31 participants) 12 Nov.

    10. 5D4N Laos Experience Tour (30 participants) 3-7 Dec.

    11.  Dinner & Delights (75 participants) 12 Dec


    Goto Gallery – Tours to view the highlight photos.

  • For the year 2013 ...
  • 17 January - 1 Day Pre-lunar new year shopping at Yong Peng (22 shoppers)
  • 27-31 January - 5D4N Bandung /Jarkarta Tour (20 travellers)
  • 28 February - Silver Horizon has reached 102 members!
  • 28 February - 50 members and friends celebrated Silver Horizon's 1st Anniversary with a dinner at Padang Palace Restaurant.
  • 26 April - First AGM
  • 13-14 May - First Charity Tour to Malacca (14 sponsored, 17 paying travellers)
  • 29 August - 7 September - Switzerland/Paris Tour (20 travellers)
  • 2-9 September - Central Japan tour (14 travellers)
  • 14 September - Autumn Bonding event (32 participated)
  • 30 September - 4 October - Ipoh/KL Tour (20 travellers)
  • 1&2 November - Second Charity Tour to Malacca (23 sponsored, 15 paying travellers)
  • 12 December - SH Year - end Dinner at Relish Restuarant, SRC (50 participated)
  • For the year 2012 ...
  • 28 February - Silver Horizon Travel Co-operative Ltd was registered. 
  • 23 & 24 March - Participated in the 50+ exhibition, organized by the Council for 3rd Age. 
  • 14 April - Presented the SH business plan at the NUS Startup@Singapore Competition.
  • 26 - 30 April - Seven SH members went to Tagaytay, Philippines on a recce trip (5 days/4 nights homestay).
  • May - SH members featured on CNA Singapore (watch video), on more Singaporeans setting up co-operatives.
  • 19 May - Received the consolation prize at the NUS Startup@Singapore Awards Ceremony.
  • 8 June - SH Website launched.
  • 9 June - Participated in SNCF Co-opaliciouz Event at Marina Barrage, to mark the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives Movement 2012.
  • 20 - 22  July - First SH tour to the historic city Malacca. 
  • 14 August 2012 - we conducted our first bonding activity at Stewords Riverboat Restaurant. A night to remember for all the participants.
  • 19 August - SH featured in ST newspaper, "Tours Target Seniors".
  • 24 - 26 August - SH participated in the Natas Holiday 2012 for the first time, the biggest local travel exihibition of the year.
  • 5 October - Participated in the Service Sector Nite, organised by Seacare/Service Sector Co-operative.
  • 19 October - Participated in 14th NUS Startup@Singapore Exhibition.
  • December - Featured in the Online Connect magazine under Active Agers December issue.
  • 15 December - 36 members and friends attended the post-tours bonding event.
  • Tours achieved in 2012:
  • 20-22 July - 3D/2N Malacca tour, (18 travellers)
  • 8-9 September - 2D/1N Batam, (24 travellers)
  • 24 September - 1 October, 8D/6N S Korea, (20 travellers)
  • 11 November - 1D Desaru Trip, (26 travellers.)
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