Compliments on Kyushu...March 2015

Peck Tye says:

"Thank you for the group photo of us in our kimonos. We all look gorgeous!

This was our third trip to Japan and the best. We enjoyed the variety of food, good hotels and the fellowship with new friends and also a Singaporean English-speaking guide."


Juliana says:

"Dear Shirley and everyone in the group,

Thank you all for such an enjoyable, fruitful and smooth holiday in Kyushu.

Shirley, thank you for the great effort, patience and photos."


Pui Ching says:

"Dear Shirley and everyone in the group,

Thank you to all for such a wonderful time in Kyushu!

Thank you once again for such warmth and care throughout the trip! It was really a wonderful first trip with Silver Horizon! Looking forward to meeting all of you again in the next trip! And, thank you, Shirley, for making all these possible!"


Christine says:

“Hi Shirley,

Enjoyed the Kyushu trip v much, especially our meals, sceneries. Pui Ching, Jan Juliana & myself enjoyed the 3 onsen together! Thanks to you for organizing the trip. Enjoyed everyone’s friendship and company.”


DSC00567L-R: Peck Tye, Joyce, Shirley & Cynthia


Kyushu Juliana n Shirley 2L-R: Julianna & Shirley


Kyushu 5 ladiesL-R: Christine, Pui Ching, Veronica, Jan & Julianna



Traveling side by side ... with Silver Horizon

Mary n Wing with Liberty in Tokyo

Mr Chan Wing Cheong and his wife Mary love to travel, and they have joined the Silver Horizon family since early this year (2013). When asked why they joined Silver Horizon (SH), this was what he said:

“I knew about SH through an article in the Straits Times Newspaper. I have been looking for English speaking tours but without much success. So I emailed SH to enquire what language they used in their tours. The reply was English. So straight away my wife and I joined SH. We have no regrets and have very warm fellowship with them. We went on three tours with them and look forward to many more tours until our legs say "no more tours".

I am 87 years old and my wife is 83 years old. SH tours are arranged with Seniors concern and they are very suitable for Seniors. Their tag line is “Design to enjoy, by Seniors for Seniors”.

Since May this year we have been to their Malacca tour, Central Japan tour and the KL-Ipoh tour. We have enjoyed all the three tours very much. One thing we need to look into is how to have at least 20 participants in our tours. We need 20 participants to have a local tour leader to accompany us, to look after our interest, especially when the other country’s tour guide does not fully understand our needs. I am sure as we (Silver Horizon family) grow and more people know about us, this matter will be easily solved. I encourage all retired and still-working seniors to join SH for fellowship, travel and to know each other, before their legs retired.“


 Wing n Mary Tokyo

8D6N Korea Tour for Silver Horizon

24 September – 1 October 2012

Feedback from participants:

Karen Lee, whose mother Siew Eng went to Korea with us, wrote on behalf of her mother:


“Hi Shirley,


My mom enjoyed her trip. She has been telling me the places, food and shopping since the first night she arrived home. Language is not a big problem to her. She mentioned this tour group of people are kind and fun. Agnes and Shirley have been good and helpful to her. Food was good, accommodation was good, visited places of interest were good. She is happy with her frying pan (happycall). Overall, she enjoyed whole trip. 

I also like to thank all of you, who has been a friend to my mom, took care of her, made this trip so enjoyable.


Thank you!



Tong Mee Mien wrote:


“Hi Shirley and fellow travellers,

I greatly appreciate that Shirley had accommodated my late decision to join the tour.  My mom and I have only beautiful memories of this holiday.  Thank you Shirley!
Everyone on this tour accommodated my 82-year-old mom so well.  The founding members on this tour extended their warmth and help from day one.  Even the tour guides were on a special lookout for my mom!
The tour is well-organised.  It's really great value for money, with all meals provided, which most other tours don't do.  I thank Shirley and company for the planning and execution of this tour!
Hope to see you all again soon!

Warmest regards,
Mee Mien and mom”


Maggie Lim wrote:


“Hi folks,

It has been a most enjoyable trip!  Food and hotel were generally okay, but the company was undoubtedly great :)) !!

Tho my brother and I had visited S Korea separately some 20 years ago, we had new experiences in many of the places we did not visit the first time round.  The time frame chosen was great too as the weather was really pleasant.  
Indeed, thanks for organizing this very enjoyable S Korea trip!
Till we meet again,

Best regards,


Jenny Low wrote:


“Hi Shirley

Just a short note to thank you for organizing this wonderful trip to Korea.  We appreciate the effort you have put in to make this trip an enjoyable one.  The hotel, the food, n the company was great.  We especially appreciate the porridge breakfast experience.  That was something we missed when we stayed back for another 3 days in Seoul.
Well done Shirley.

Best Wishes Always
Jenny n Low”



Siew Eng 1st from left and friends in Korea 2











       Mee Mien n Mom in Korea 2








Maggie n little Korean girl 2








Jenny 2nd from left 2



2D1N Batam Tour for Silver Horizon 

The 2D1N Batam Tour for Silver Horizon’s participants was from 8 to 9 September, 2012. There were 24 of us.  The weather was good, no scorching sun, no perceivable haze, only a short downpour on late Sunday morning.

Lunch was authentic Indonesian, in a traditional Indo restaurant – it was a unique experience. There were shopping, shopping and more shopping. Dinner was a seafood experience, with some customers bravely going up the stage to sing! The hotel rooms were bright, spacious and comfortable. Most of us had a good rest, after a night of riotous karaoke session.  The next morning, more than half the participants eagerly went for massage of the whole body or foot.

 All too soon we were headed for the ferry terminal for the mad rush home. We would like to congratulate Lilian for her great effort to ensure that we had a jolly good time in Batam! Well done and thank you!


Snippets from our happy travelers  

"Dear Lilian,

My Mum n myself had a good trip.




"My siblings and I enjoyed the trip very much.  The group of people is nice and friendly and we were  glad to have a happy tour guide who made us laugh so much..."  

-Jennifer Quek   


"We all enjoyed this trip. Have a nice day. Best wishes"  

-James Ong   


"Good trip, excellent tour leader. Could do with less shopping. Look forward next trip!  Tks and cheers."   


 Ba 01 Ba 02Ba 03 Mindy 1Ba 04 James Jennifer 1Ba 05 John 1


Malacca Tour a Success - Dancing On The Bus

By Shirin Wun 

3D2N Malacca Tour - 20 to 22 July 2012

An impromptu disco, a giant lizard and a surprise birthday party – was this just a short trip to Malacca? This was not just Silver Horizon’s inaugural tour (very well organised by Ms Baby Liew, Tour Manager extraordinaire), it was a terrific travel experience.


First, the food. Having six courses at almost every meal left us truly sated. (It would also mean a week of detox when we returned!)


Apart from our stomachs, our Singaporean appetite for bargain-hunting was also satisfied. With stops at a pasar malam, shopping malls, and factory outlets, our purses emptied out as quickly as our tummies had filled up.


We also had a relaxing cruise down the Melaka River, accompanied by a large monitor lizard lazing in the sun. Our visit to a Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum was fascinating and informative.


And the dancing on the bus? On our way home, the traffic jam at the Second Link provided us an excuse to sing and dance. Passengers on other buses were amused and some were even inspired to dance themselves!


Yes, we had a great trip that ended on a high note. Bring on the next!



s basking   s museum2


Why I joined Silver Horizon ...

Shirley wrote: With time on my hands, I was contemplating “reading to the kids” type of volunteer projects, when a former schoolmate connected with me and raved about Helen and her Silver Spring Enterprise. We decided to talk to her at her Chatters@Bugis café to find out more. That was where I learned about some active seniors trying to form Silver Horizon Travel Co-operative Ltd. I decided to join this Co-operative because I like to travel and see the natural as well as man-made wonders of the world. Especially when I’m still able to move independently and still curious about how other homo sapiens live.

A travel co-op by seniors for seniors – this phrase has caught my attention and I also support the social mission strongly, including Helen’s catch words of “Do good, do well.” We are certainly a group of active seniors who come together to do something good regarding travelling, to cater to the needs of senior travellers.


Lighter Side of Travel

Bigfoot1 Bigfoot found - in Melaka
L hole in the wall1 Hole in the wall - Malaccan style!
 Skate board in Shibuya park See who is skateboarding in Shibuya Park, Japan  
 The things they make you wear The things they make you wear for chicken! (In Japan only)  
 Real fake in Hanoi This is where you buy real fakes In Hanoi. 
 Me n my pet skunk Taking my pet skunk for a walk in Shibuya Park, Japan 
 No syndicate org This notice was behind the hotel room door – to warn syndicate organisations to keep away!  
 airlinetix This sign in Hanoi – Airlies ticket - You may not end up where you want to go!  
 recycletoilet Recycled bowl, for the green movement, Tagaytay, Philippines.  


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