N Vietnam Tour article November 2017

November would be a nice month to travel. And 45 travelers had similar plans to go Sapa, Halong Bay and Hanoi! So we went in two groups, the first group ( 23 pax) from 2 – 8 November and the second group (22 pax) from 10 – 16 November. However we had to shift the period for the second group to 9 – 15 November due to some accommodation and air ticketing issues.

It was an adventure, especially for us seniors, who are eager to do something more exciting than walking Bukit Timah Hill. Sapa was rather challenging, walking to the Cat Cat Village. It was very mountainous, and the terrain going up and down. But the scenery was beautiful and breath-taking.

As the wind was very strong and chilly, only some of us from the Gp 1 managed to conquer the Fansipan peak. However for the second group, almost all managed to conquer the peak as the wind was no longer blowing.

 Of course Halong Bay was also very interesting and scenic, with the rock formations and the limestone caves. Again, it was a challenge going into the Hang Sung Sot caves. Beautiful illuminated limestone stalagmites and stalactites.

The over night stay at the Flamingo junk was pleasant and enjoyable.
The first group of 23 travelers managed to see Sapa with the very cold winds blowing. The temperature dropped to 9 degrees Celsius. However the weather was kinder to the second group of 22. They enjoyed 19 degrees Celsius while in Sapa. They had more time to enjoy the scenery and fine weather. Cheers! 

Memories were good and bones were tired. Time to rest and recuperate for next year's traveling adventures. 

Reported by Shirley Wan, 19 Nov 2017

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