Silver Memories from 2023

Today is the second last day of 2023. It is with relief that we can report a good year for Silver Horizon Travel. We made eleven tours for our members, more than 200 members participated. Moreover, 140 members attended the makan functions. In 2023, 79 new members were registered, a bumper number!

In my opinion, the highlights of the tours were; revisiting the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, walking the Sand dunes in Tottori Japan and feeding the seagulls and staying in Hanok in Busan, South Korea. I have to include walking through the Botanical gardens in Sabah as well as making our perennial trip to Bentong and Malacca for the Durian lovers' satisfaction.

Below are some memories in image and we hope to keep planning more tours for our members, going into 2024 and beyond.

Thanks for your support!

Cheers from the Tour Subcommittee.

30 Dec 2023

Sabah Rainbow 

Kota Kinabalu-Sabah

​Angkor Wat

Busan South Korea- Hanok

Seagull- Busan 


Malacca group

Sand Dune -Tottori Japan

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