Design to Enjoy For Seniors


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Who We Are

We are a group of active seniors who formed a social enterprise for fellow seniors.

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What We Do

Promote active living & learning through customised travel programs.

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Many Destinations

We have planned and arranged many destinations like Russia, Korea, Batam etc till date.

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Do Well, Do Good

As a co-operative, we are focused on the best suited for the majority and the common good.


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Scheduled 2019 Tours

Availability : January to December 2019
1 to 14 days

The planned tours are planned for 2019. Your comments are requested

Romantic Greece

Availability : 22 May to 2 June 2019

Enjoy Greece both on land and sea with Superferry ride, cable car ride, donkey ride ..... Visit Athens Delphi Itea Kalambaka Meteora Mykonos Santorini. Schedules and itineraries are correct at the time of this publication. However same may be re-scheduled and/or amended based on changes and unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Silver Horizon Travel Co-Operative Ltd and its partners.



Sekinchan Sky Mirror Tour

Availability : 1 to 3 July 2019

A short and interesting tour. See yourself on the beach like looking at the mirror. Tour dates and itineraries may be amended without notice due to unforeen circumstances beyond the control of Silver Horizon Travel Co-Operative Ltd and her partners.


What's New

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Change in maiing address: 

c/o Mr Alec Chew,

505 Bedok North Ave 3,

#23-319, Singapore 460505