Siem Reap- Battambang

Availability : 9 Jan 2023
6 Days 5 Nights
Country : Cambodia
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DAY 1 (09 Jan Mon):
Cruise around the city for an orientation tour of the French Quarter and Independence Garden before we enjoy a buffet dinner which features traditional Khmer cuisine together with a taste of Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, European and western dishes accompanied by traditional Apsara dances. Explore the Angkor Night Market if time permit.

apsara dance

DAY 2 (10 Jan Tue): Siem Reap Angkor Sunrise & Exploration
Journey into the darkness of Siem Reap to witness the lovely sunrise over the ancient Angkor Wat..

Explore the main temples of Angkor starting with the entrance through the gateway of Angkor Thom city built in the 13th century by King Jayavarman VII. Marvel at the intricate carvings of daily local and court life of ancient Khmers at the Bayon which features giant smiling faces.

Then through the elephant parade ground, we exit Angkor Thom to the forested grounds of Ta Phrom – once a hospital of ancient Angkor which is now made famous by the movie “Tomb Raider”. Here you encounter giant trees reclaiming man made structure on a land once belonged to Mother Nature. .

Visit to the World Heritage Angkor Wat – until today, the world’s largest religious building built in the mid 12th century by King Suryavarman II.

angkor watta dumbong battambang

Day 3 (11 Jan Wed): Battambang
Battambang, a 11th century city and the centre of rice producing province being the food basket of Cambodia. Dotted with lovely colonial French architecture, Battambang offers the visitor a nolstalgic charm of colonial French lifestyle. Arriving at Battambang, An orientation tour of the city, stopping by the Ta Dumbong Kro Aung Statue ( Black man Statue ).

A enchanting sight of the famous bat spectacle at sunset at Phnom Sampeau.

cooking class

DAY 4 (12 Jan Thu): 

Meet cooking instructor, take a relaxing visit to the Central Market, taste unique fruits and pick up your own ingredients. With ingredients in hand, we take a short walking tour where we learn about the lifestyle of the local people and how they grow their vegetables.

In class we acquire the knowledge and secrets of Khmer cuisine by using traditional equipment and techniques.

Embark on a bumpy but fun once in a life time experience on the Battambang Bamboo Train, travelling to a nearby village a few km away.

In the  city to enjoy an entertaining production of human circus and dance at Phare Battambang.

queen tara riverboat

DAY 5 (13 Jan Fri): Siem Reap

Visit the world’s largest freshwater lake in SE Asia, Tonle Sap Lake. Stop over at a Lotus Garden before boarding a longtail boat ride through a floating village of Chhong Khneas. Then docking with the Queen Tara Riverboat, enjoy a sunset cruise with ‘all-you-can-drink’ including but not limited to champagne, cocktails, wines, spirits, juices, water, soft drinks and cold beers and awesome buffet mixture of Khmer/Asian and Western type foods (organic and locally grown) 

Lie back in a hammock, take a seat on the viewing deck or get your photo taken at the steering wheel as you anticipate a spectacular sunset.

Drop by the night market near Pub Street for some shopping.

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